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Cairo Tour from Sharm - One Day Excursion by Plane

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Our most popular tour, and what were famous for! This excursion to Cairo is a must for anyone visiting Egypt. Our Cairo tour by plane offers more time looking around the amazing sights of Cairo and less time traveling, the perfect balance of squeezing in all the best bits, whilst not rushing!

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Cairo Tour from Sharm El Sheikh

We'll pick you up from your hotel in Sharm El Sheikh in an air-conditioned coach in the early morning and take you to Sharm airport for your flight to Cairo, where you will be accompanied by your Egyptologist tour guide.

When you arrive in the amazing city of Cairo, your first stop will be the Great Pyramids of Giza.

Cairo Tour to the Great Pyramid of Giza

The oldest of the seven wonders of the ancient world and sadly the only one that still remains largely intact, the Pyramids of Giza are the very reason a lot of people come to Egypt, and seeing them close-up never disappoints.

Composed of over 2.3 million blocks of granite weighing 25 - 80 tonnes each and constructed over a 20 year period concluding around 2560BC, the pyramids of Cairo was the tallest man-made structure for over 3,800 years, to this day we still do not know for sure exactly these amazing structures were built, although there are many theories.

During the Cairo tour we will give you much more information on the amazing Pyramids of Giza, and any questions you may have will be gladly answered by your professional, friendly Egyptologist tour guide.

The Sphinx

After you have seen the pyramids of Cairo, your next stop will be the Sphinx. The Great Sphinx of Giza is a mythological creature, formed of a lions body and a human head.

Standing over 73metres long and 20metres high, the The Great Sphinx of Giza is the oldest known monumental sculpture, and is commonly believed to have been built by ancient Egyptians of the Old Kingdom in the reign of the pharaoh Khafra.

During your tour of Cairo, you will find out how the nose of the Sphinx was broken off by Napoleon's soldiers, which can still be seen today. There are also theories of kings actually being buried inside the Sphinx!

Lunch on the Nile

Next up is a break for a delicious lunch on the Nile, a large buffet with foods to cater for all tastes and ages. This is a great opportunity to relax and take in the sights and smells of busstling Cairo before going to visit the world-renowned Museum of Egyptian Antiquities.

Museum of Egyptian Antiquities

Inside this huge, world-famous museum you'll find some of the most important treasures from Ancient Egypt civilization anywhere in the world, from Pharaonic antiques to the treasure found in the tomb of Egypt's best known King, Tutankhamen.

Spanning two floors, each section of the museum is dedicated to specific Kings, or time periods, even if you're not usually particularity into Egyptian history we find everybody finds it fascinating and a powerful experience to be so close to such historically important artifacts.

Built in neo-classical style, designed by the French architect Marcel Dourgnon the museum exceed 120,000 masterpieces ranges from pre-dynastic era, Pharaonic era to the Greco-roman period in Egypt and includes the treasures of the child King Tutankhamen, Pharaonic Gods and Goddess.

You can also visit the mummies room at the Egyptian Museum for a background about the Egyptian civilization and the mummification art in ancient Egypt.

Shopping in the Bazaars of Cairo

After you have seen the pyramids, sphinx and other amazing sights that Cairo has to offer, you will have some free time for shopping in the world famous bazaars of Cairo - another big pull to tourists from all over the world.

Return to your Sharm Hotel

Then you will be transferred to Cairo domestic airport to fly back to Sharm El Sheikh with a transfer back to your hotel in Sharm.

The day has been carefully thought out in-order to give you the most enjoyable time possible in the time available, you will see the famous sights of Cairo and hopefully have one of the most memorable days of you life!

Contact us today to find out how you can see Cairo with Sharm El Sheikh's most trusted and reputable tour operator, and experience a day you will never forget!

Cairo Tour Itinerary

Time Activity
5:00am Pickup from your Sharm hotel (exact time depends on hotel)
6:15am Fly from Sharm el Sheikh to Cairo
7:15am Arrival at Cairo Airport
8:30am Explore the Amazing Egyptian Museum in Cairo
11:00am Optional Felucca Boat Trip down the Rive Nile
12:00pm Delicious Buffet Lunch along the Nile
1:00pm Visit the Papyrus Institute
1:30pm The Pyramids of Giza, The Sphinx and Temple of Khephren
4:30pm Perfume shop from then leave to Cairo airport
6.30pm Arrival at Cairo Airport for your flight back to Sharm, where you'll be taken back to your hotel.

Please note our tour of Cairo is quite flexible, we may end up staying slightly later/ leaving earlier at certain attractions and as such the times may not always be completely accurate.

Cairo Tour from Sharm - One Day Excursion by Plane Reviews 5.0 out of 5 based on 186 customer reviews

Cairo Tour from Sharm - One Day Excursion by Plane
This was by far the most expensive excursion we bought on our holiday but you can't come to Egypt and not see the pyramids! We needn't have questioned the price, it was absolutely worth it.

Our driver Karim and guide Mary were friendly and fun, as two female tourists we felt completely comfortable and safe with them. Special mention to Mary though, her knowledge of every site we visited was outstanding, she answered all our questions, told us the history of everywhere we visited and was an absolutely fantastic guide for the day getting us to sites early before they got busy with other tour groups.

The sites visited were incredible, we took a million photos and although it was a very long tiring day, I would do it all again. A 5 star excursion and expertly organised and managed by this tour company
Jemma from UK - 11th Mar 2023
Cairo Tour from Sharm - One Day Excursion by Plane
First of all, our tour guide Amr was truly amazing. He was very knowledgeable, very clever, funny, and helpful. Couldn't have asked for a better tour guide. But there are a few points I want to address in regards to the layout of the day.

We were picked up from the hotel at 4:45 am and were taken straight to the airport- we arrived at the airport at about 5:10 am. We were left waiting in the minibus for 15 minutes with no AC and no information about when our flight is and no updates at all. Eventually, we went into the airport and went through security (this took about 20 minutes as there were a lot of security measures), we then were told to go to the check-in and the queues were quite long but we eventually got checked-in at about 5:55 am, only to then find out our flight is at 6 am. None of the guides comes with you through the airport so naturally, we were panicking as we did not want to miss the flight. We got to the gate and it was heaving with people and we had no idea where to go. Anyway, we got onto the plane at about 6:30 and the flight was great: complimentary biscuits and water.

We arrived in Cairo and met our lovely guide who then took us to the minibus- we even had a security guard shadow us for the whole day which was very reassuring. Prior to the trip, we were aware that there was an optional Nile boat trip. Although there were no prices for this on your website, all of the reviews said it was £10. Although the trip was optional, we felt slightly pressured into taking the Nile cruise and it was actually £20/$20 each which we were surprised with, but we still did it as a couple of other people did it and we did not want to be left alone on the bus. The boat trip was very disappointing, must have been only 20 minutes, definitely not worth 20 pounds each. We then had lunch at a riverside restaurant which was fine.

After that, we went to a perfume/oils shop, and honestly, the whole thing just felt like a sales pitch. There was no pressure to buy anything but the whole thing was uncomfortable as none of us had any intention to buy anything and we felt awful because they gave us complimentary fizzy drinks and were very nice.

Now the pyramids... the men at the pyramids do not leave you alone. You step out of the minibus with no warning about what you will experience. They will not take no for an answer when nagging you to buy things we had to practically escape from them. I think the guides need to warn us about this as a young solo traveler was on our trip and we saw her having trouble with one of the men and he was demanding money from her- we had to find the police.

We got to the airport for 6:30pm only to find our flight is at 9pm. Despite there being multiple flights back to Sharm before 9pm that we would have easily made with lots of time to spare. A lot of waiting around.
Chloe from England - 17th Jun 2022
Cairo Tour from Sharm - One Day Excursion by Plane
We were on a full-day air trip in Cairo yesterday and I must say that it was one of the best trips of ours ever. We were a family group of 5 adults. At the beginning we were a little scared but everything went 100% perfectly, according to the plan. When booking, we paid a 10% deposit and the remaining amount in cash the next day after arrival to a guy from the company, who waited us in front of the hotel. On the day of the trip, they picked us up at the hotel and took us to the airport, from where we flew with a small PAS propeller plane. The flight was fine, though. In Cairo, our guide Emy was waiting for us in front of the arrivals hall and our all-day program in Cairo began. To Emy, we have to say that this is probably the best guide we have ever experienced, and it was she who made our day in Cairo unforgettable. She was just great! She took us through all the most important exhibitions in the museum, pointed out the most beautiful places around the pyramids, took us incredibly nice photos and much more. We were lucky that Emy was with us. So, back to the tour ... we started in the Egyptian museum, which has already begun to move some exhibits into the new building, but there is still a lot of interesting to see. This was followed by lunch at a local restaurant, which was btw very tasty. Then we continued with the most anticipated tour of the Pyramids and it was really worth it. Emy always told us what the options are and made recommendations what pays off our attention. After the Pyramids, we stopped at a perfume factory and this also pleasantly surprised us ... our women also bought some perfumes. Then we went to the airport, where everything went well, and in Sharm al Sheikh we were taken again to the hotel. Finally, I must admit that, despite my initial but unnecessary concerns, it was a unique experience with Sharm Excursions. Manager Mohamed was very communicative from the beginning, very kind, unobtrusive and answered all possible and impossible questions. Based on our experience, we definitely recommend Sharm Excursions and we will definitely use their great services again! We thank you very much Sharm Excursions!
Marian from Slovakia - 23rd Mar 2022
Cairo Tour from Sharm - One Day Excursion by Plane
The day from start to finish was brilliant, we were picked up late night from the hotel to the bus stop where we were gave tickets and put on the bus by the taxi driver we had no problem with the coach there or back. When we arrived we met our tour guide will, he was on time and extremely welcoming ensuring we did not need anything, we then arrived a minute away from the bus stop at Cairo Museum where we we’re shown in detail some main artefacts and will the gave us time to explore by ourself we where them picked up by our Car for the day, we then drove to a littleboat stop which picked us up for a nice ride to see Cairo from the nile which was great. It was lunch time after and will took us to a lovely local restaurant where there food was great! We then moved on to the pyramids which were amazing to see will have us a good tour round and told us about them answering all our questions. There was so many photo opportunities and nothing was rushed we then made our way back to the car to get to the station, will was fantastic he was extremely kind and knew his stuff , we really enjoyed meeting him and we couldn’t recommend him more as a guide we felt safe like friends and at home and the trip was amazing. Thanks so much sharm excursions and will!!
Ruby and Sam from Nottingham - 29th Nov 2017
Cairo Tour from Sharm - One Day Excursion by Plane
My sister and I did the 1 day trip to Cairo from where we were staying in Sharm.
This is really is an amazing value for the money, and is a must for those who want to see the major highlights of Egypt, while not having to stay in the city of Cairo.
You are never pressured to purchase anything extra if you do not wish. That being said, you are on vacation and if you can afford it, do some of the extras. Like riding a camel! The photo op you get is worth every penny.
The service really is completely door to door as they advertise.

Our tour guide for the day was the fabulous Lily! She was front and center waiting for us after we made our way from the plane.
We had a nice air conditioned van as our transportation for the day.

Lily was full of pep and enthusiasm to share her knowledge and culture with us. When we expressed that we enjoyed eating Arab foods, Lily made a special stop so we could try local Egyptian falafel and kushari. They were both amazing.

I highly recommend her as your tour guide. She is an actual Egyptologist and speaks several languages to facilitate many different tourists. For us, our native language is English and Lily was a top notch speaker.
We spent the entire day laughing and learning with her, and really have an amazing culture exchange.

I would definitely use this company again and request Lily as my guide.

-19 May 2017 day trip, from USA
Christina from Chicago, USA - 15th Jul 2017
Cairo Tour from Sharm - One Day Excursion by Plane
Cairo tour from sharm is a must to do with this company and with her knowledgeable guide Willy. we had a lovely private tour, the museum was WOW, the info given and explained by our guide were great. i may say that i learned a lot about the pharaohs and their culture. we really enjoyed the process of making "baradi paper", and the experience of the oil essence factory was also interesting. The pyramids were a blast, every minute was worth it, our guide knew exactly where to take us, to stop to take picture.... Thank you Willy for such memorable day.
Valia tannoury from August 20 - 2nd Sep 2016
Cairo Tour from Sharm - One Day Excursion by Plane
Have been to cario twice now. First time was via coach which is cheaper however is at least 6+hours each way and when you arrive you don't enjoy it as much.

This time we took the plane and was definitely worth it as you enjoy the pyramid without being so tired.

Our tour guide was amazing. We had recommendations and we requested for Lily while booking and they delivered. We was so happy to have Lily as she was so helpful and knowledgeable.

She kept and made you feel safe so don't be worried about going to cario. I would 100% recommend anyone who wishes to book this to request for Lily. You will not be disappointed at all.
Maf from London - 15th Nov 2015

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You need a Visa for the below tours, all other tours do not require a Visa.

  • Cairo by bus or Plane
  • Luxor by plane
  • Ras Mohamed by Bus or by Boat
  • Diving trip in Ras Mohamed

How do I get a Visa?
When you land in Sharm el Sheikh you will enter the Arrivals Hall, here you can buy a Visa for $10 (US Dollars). Please click to find out more about Visas.

Yes, as part of our commitment to giving you a fantastic experience on every tour with us, all prices include transfers to and from your hotel. This service includes all hotels in Sharm el Sheikh.

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Cairo Tour from Sharm - One Day Excursion by Plane Customer Questions

Asked By: Asked by Baldan Baldan
16th November 2022
Concerning Tour:
Question about Cairo Tour from Sharm - One Day Excursion by Plane
Cairo Tour from Sharm - One Day Excursion by Plane
FAQ Category:Specific Excursion

I am staying in sharm, ı would like to see pyramids, can ı get visa from sharm airport and go and see cairo and pyremids and return back

This is allowed for you to get the Egyptian visa at Sharm airport before your flight to Cairo .

Asked By: Asked by James Briddon James Briddon
7th June 2022
Concerning Tour:
Question about Cairo Tour from Sharm - One Day Excursion by Plane
Cairo Tour from Sharm - One Day Excursion by Plane
FAQ Category:Specific Excursion

Hello we are staying in Sharm in August and we have booked to go to see pyramids with you via plane option. I think we need a visa for that trip so shall we buy before we come to Egypt on or can we buy it the morning of the trip? Thanks James Briddon.

Hello, You can get the Egyptian visa online before you leave your country or upon your arrival at Sharm airport as you prefer .

Asked By: Asked by Chloe Chloe
20th May 2022
Concerning Tour:
Question about Cairo Tour from Sharm - One Day Excursion by Plane
Cairo Tour from Sharm - One Day Excursion by Plane
FAQ Category:Specific Excursion

Hi, I am aware that we will need a visa to go on the Cairo tour from Sharm by plane. When do we get this visa? Do we get it when we arrive at Sharm airport from England, or do we get it on the day of the trip? and how much will it be please?

Hello, Kindly we would like to inform you that : To go to Cairo by plane or by road you must get the Egyptian visa upon your arrival or also you can get it on the day of your trip before your flight to Cairo . Mohamed +201061329990

Asked By: Asked by Phil Stokes Phil Stokes
19th May 2022
Concerning Tour:
Question about Cairo Tour from Sharm - One Day Excursion by Plane
Cairo Tour from Sharm - One Day Excursion by Plane
FAQ Category:Specific Excursion

Hi - if we book the Private tour, can I confirm that we visit the pyramids in the morning and the museum in the afternoon? Will we be travelling in our own personal transport or on a coach with other tours? We will be in Sharm from 21st July to 31st July, are there any particular days in that time that would be less busy? Once we have confirmed a date with you is it possible to tell us what airline we would be flying on?

Hello, It will be a private transportation only for you so you can visit the pyramids in the morning and museum in he afternoon.

Asked By: Asked by Yalcin Kuzoren Yalcin Kuzoren
5th April 2022
Concerning Tour:
Question about Cairo Tour from Sharm - One Day Excursion by Plane
Cairo Tour from Sharm - One Day Excursion by Plane
FAQ Category:Specific Excursion

We (a married couple) would like to join the tour on 10 May 2022 on 11 May 2022. Please tell me exactly all things included and excluded in the price. We don't want to come across with any suprises during the tour.

Hello, price includes : All transfers, fly tickets, pick up and drop off at your hotel in Sharm, English speaking guide, entrance fees and Lunch. Price Excludes : Drinks at restaurant. any extras not mentioned into the details.

Asked By: Asked by Daniel Rawson Daniel Rawson
17th February 2022
Concerning Tour:
Question about Cairo Tour from Sharm - One Day Excursion by Plane
Cairo Tour from Sharm - One Day Excursion by Plane
FAQ Category:Specific Excursion

If I'm already in my hotel in sharm el sheikh and decide to go the pyramid excursion in Cairo but I didn't get a visa can I purchase one in the hotel or surrounding area as I didnt get one at the airport on arrival. Uk traveller

Hello, For sure you can get the Egyptian visa at Sharm airport before your flight on the day of your trip. Mohamed

Asked By: Asked by Lisa Crawford Lisa Crawford
8th November 2021
Concerning Tour:
Question about Cairo Tour from Sharm - One Day Excursion by Plane
Cairo Tour from Sharm - One Day Excursion by Plane
FAQ Category:Specific Excursion

What type of plane is the trip to Cairo made on please? Thank you.

Hello, Cairo trip by plane from Sharm will be by charter flights or by Egypt air airline .

Asked By: Asked by Iveta Iveta
26th March 2018
Concerning Tour:
Question about Cairo Tour from Sharm - One Day Excursion by Plane
Cairo Tour from Sharm - One Day Excursion by Plane
FAQ Category:Specific Excursion

Hi. I like to ask if there you need visa for going to Cairo?

yes to go to Cairo you must have the Egyptian Visa !

Asked By: Asked by John Ong John Ong
12th December 2017
Concerning Tour:
Question about Cairo Tour from Sharm - One Day Excursion by Plane
Cairo Tour from Sharm - One Day Excursion by Plane
FAQ Category:Specific Excursion

Are flights included in the ?

The trip to Cairo by plane from Sharm includes the return fly tickets Sharm - Cairo - Sharm .

Asked By: Asked by Afdin Miah Afdin Miah
8th March 2016
Concerning Tour:
Question about Cairo Tour from Sharm - One Day Excursion by Plane
Cairo Tour from Sharm - One Day Excursion by Plane
FAQ Category:Specific Excursion

I will be travelling from Sharm El Sheik to Cairo can I get a visa from UK before I travel.

You can get the Egyptian visa from UK before you travel or upon your arrival at Sharm airport .

This is just the last 5 customer questions about Cairo Tour from Sharm - One Day Excursion by Plane , if you want to see them all please click below.

Customer Questions about Cairo Tour from Sharm - One Day Excursion by Plane

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Price Does Not Include:
  • Drinks in the Restaurant
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