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Private Cairo Tour by plane from Sharm - 1 Day Excursion

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Our most popular tour, and what were famous for! This excursion to Cairo is a must for anyone visiting Egypt, and going private makes it even better! Our Cairo tour by plane offers more time looking around the amazing sights of Cairo and less time traveling, the perfect balance of squeezing in all the best bits, whilst not rushing!

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Private Cairo Tour from Sharm El Sheikh

In our opinion seeing Cairo is a must for anyone visiting Egypt. On our private tour of Cairo you'll see all the most amazing sights Cairo has to offer and receive a more personalized service on the day as you'll have the guide to yourselves.

Why Go Private?

We recommend that if you can pay the extra 15% for a private tour of Cairo, to do so over our group tour - especially nice for families with young children or couples looking for a more intimate day, it means you get our friendly and knowledgeable tour guide to yourselves, and also means you can dictate how much time you spend at each site.

When you arrive in the amazing city of Cairo, your first stop will be the Great Pyramids of Giza.

Cairo Tour to the Great Pyramid of Giza

The oldest of the seven wonders of the ancient world and sadly the only one that still remains largely intact, the Pyramids of Giza are the very reason a lot of people come to Egypt, and seeing them close-up never disappoints.

Composed of over 2.3 million blocks of granite weighing 25 - 80 tonnes each and constructed over a 20 year period concluding around 2560BC, the pyramids of Cairo was the tallest man-made structure for over 3,800 years, to this day we still do not know for sure exactly these amazing structures were built, although there are many theories.

During the Cairo tour we will give you much more information on the amazing Pyramids of Giza, and any questions you may have will be gladly answered by your professional, friendly Egyptologist tour guide.

The Sphinx

After you have seen the pyramids of Cairo, your next stop will be the Sphinx. The Great Sphinx of Giza is a mythological creature, formed of a lions body and a human head.

Standing over 73metres long and 20metres high, the The Great Sphinx of Giza is the oldest known monumental sculpture, and is commonly believed to have been built by ancient Egyptians of the Old Kingdom in the reign of the pharaoh Khafra.

During your tour of Cairo, you will find out how the nose of the Sphinx was broken off by Napoleon's soldiers, which can still be seen today. There are also theories of kings actually being buried inside the Sphinx!

Lunch on the Nile

Next up is a break for a delicious lunch on the Nile, a large buffet with foods to cater for all tastes and ages. This is a great opportunity to relax and take in the sights and smells of bustling Cairo before going to visit the world-renowned Museum of Egyptian Antiquities.

Museum of Egyptian Antiquities

Inside this huge, world-famous museum you'll find some of the most important treasures from Ancient Egypt civilization anywhere in the world, from Pharaonic antiques to the treasure found in the tomb of Egypt's best known King, Tutankhamen.

Spanning two floors, each section of the museum is dedicated to specific Kings, or time periods, even if you're not usually particularity into Egyptian history we find everybody finds it fascinating and a powerful experience to be so close to such historically important artifacts.

Built in neo-classical style, designed by the French architect Marcel Dourgnon the museum exceed 120,000 masterpieces ranges from pre-dynastic era, Pharaonic era to the Greco-roman period in Egypt and includes the treasures of the child King Tutankhamen, Pharaonic Gods and Goddess.

You can also visit the mummies room at the Egyptian Museum for a background about the Egyptian civilization and the mummification art in ancient Egypt.

Shopping in the Bazaars of Cairo

After you have seen the pyramids, sphinx and other amazing sights that Cairo has to offer, you will have some free time for shopping in the world famous bazaars of Cairo - another big pull to tourists from all over the world.

Return to your Sharm Hotel

Then you will be transferred to Cairo domestic airport to fly back to Sharm El Sheikh with a transfer back to your hotel in Sharm.

The day has been carefully thought out in-order to give you the most enjoyable time possible in the time available, you will see the famous sights of Cairo and hopefully have one of the most memorable days of you life!

Contact us today to find out how you can see Cairo with Sharm El Sheikh's most trusted and reputable tour operator, and experience a day you will never forget!

Cairo Tour Itinerary

Time Activity
5:00am Pickup from your Sharm hotel (exact time depends on hotel)
6:15am Fly from Sharm el Sheikh to Cairo
7:15am Arrival at Cairo Airport
8:30am Explore the Amazing Egyptian Museum in Cairo
11:00am Optional Felucca Boat Trip down the Rive Nile
12:00pm Delicious Buffet Lunch along the Nile
1:00pm Visit the Papyrus Institute
1:30pm The Pyramids of Giza, The Sphinx and Temple of Khephren
4:30pm Perfume shop from then leave to Cairo airport
6.30pm Arrival at Cairo Airport for your flight back to Sharm, where you'll be taken back to your hotel.

This is a private tour of Cairo, so you have the benefit of being able to dictate how much time you spend at each attraction in Cairo.

Private Cairo Tour by plane from Sharm - 1 Day Excursion Reviews 5.0 out of 5 based on 18 customer reviews

Private Cairo Tour by plane from Sharm - 1 Day Excursion
We decided to choose the private tour as we don't enjoy group tours and it was well worth the extra money. Our tour guide Will was amazing. He had so much knowledge but kept it tailored to our needs, it was really good fun and we had a good laugh. He also gave us advice on how to deal with the sellers at the pyramids and what was worth doing and not worth paying extra for. He also took lots of pictures of us without us even asking. We enjoyed the whole day from beginning to end and couldn't praise the company or our tour guide highly enough. Absolutely amazing!
Katherine - 29th Oct 2015
Private Cairo Tour by plane from Sharm - 1 Day Excursion
we booked a private tour to Cairo on the 2nd March 2015, after reading previous reviews on here and on tripadviser, and oh boy they were so accurate, it was fabulous,and i have to say it was one of the best excursions we have ever been on.
not just to see the sights but the staff they employ are amazing, from the admin staff, drivers and tours guides all wanted to ensure we had a great time.
we were met in Cairo at the airport by Mahmoud, what a great guy, he was friendly and attentive and very knowledgeable not just on Egyptian history ( which was immense). during the journeys between airport, attractions, lunch etc we had great conversations about the world in general and both our cultures, i really enjoyed these conversations.
we felt completely safe and well looked after by everyone we met ( we booked 3 different trips).
i have no hesitation in recommending Sharm Excursions as you will be well looked after.
we plan going back to Sharm next year around the same time, and i will be booking the Luxor trip through Sharm excursions.
we left Cairo at the end of the day feeling we had made a new friend in Mahmoud, we would hope that sometime in the future we would get to meet him again. we could not praise him enough.

mabye i would do the Cairo trip again in 2017, as we both loved our first ever trip to Sharm and intend to make it an annual event.

one point though, the trips to the Papyrus museum and Oil factory distract from what you are really there for, we would have preferred more time both at the Cairo museum and the Pyramids rather than lose time at both these places, yes they were interesting but pale into comparison with the main attractions.

If we do go back to Cairo we will ask to give these a miss.

ratings out of 5
Driver for the day 5 stars
Tour Guide Mahmoud 5 stars ( more if i could)
boat trip and lunch on the Nile 5 stars ( you do have to pay extra for this, but worth it)
Papyrus Museum 2 stars
Oil factory 2 stars
Egyptian museum and Pyramids ( do I really have to rate them, there are not enough stars in the sky to do them justice, just amazing we were awestruck)
William ferguson from Glasgow - 19th Mar 2015
Private Cairo Tour by plane from Sharm - 1 Day Excursion
I booked this excursion on line and was very impressed with the service I received from the booking stage to the ease of the pick up and tour itself.
Our private tour guide Mohamed was excellent and full of helpful information on both the history and tourist information regarding the local community. Our day was was well planned and I would recommend paying the little bit extra for the private tour with Mohamed.
Angela Thomson from Scotland - 5th Dec 2014
Private Cairo Tour by plane from Sharm - 1 Day Excursion
Fantastic!!! Easy and no issues with our private guide Will! He was informative, funny and sweet! Really enjoyed the Museum tour, papyrus store and of course the pyramids on camel back! Stopped at the perfume store too! Wonderful time and highly recommend!

Thank you Will!
Laura from New York - 27th Oct 2014
Private Cairo Tour by plane from Sharm - 1 Day Excursion
We went on this tour on 07/05/2014. Me and my parents total 3 people.
I booked the private trip as I was with my parents who, come from Bulgaria and don't speak English, so we needed a bit more flexibility for translation purposes.
What can I say. EVERYTHING went really smooth. The payment and the organisation part was really fast and easy. Very easy transfers from Sharm to Cairo, no hustle at all. Everyone that was suppose to meet us at the different places, our hotel in Sharm, Cairo airport, back at Sharm airport was there, punctual.
Our Guide in Cairo, Will was fantastic. Knew everything about Egypt, the Pyramids, the city Cairo, he was just BRILLIANT.
We started the day with a visit to the Egyptian museum. We learned so much. Saw the entire treasure of Tutankhamun. Then we opted for the boar ride on the nile to get to the restaurant (fantastic experience). The after lunch off to see how papyrus is made. Then to the Pyramids. This was the most fantastic place I have seen. We both the Camel ride and went further into the desert to have a brilliant view of the Pyramids. Then we went to see how Arabic perfumes are made and then back to Sharm.
We loved it. Brilliant experience.
Thanks to our guide Will who made it unforgettable.
Lyudmil from United Kingdom - 19th May 2014
Private Cairo Tour by plane from Sharm - 1 Day Excursion
What a fantastic and exciting day! Me and my boyfriend want to visit Cairo and we choose this lovely company who send us their best tour guide, Lily and their best driver, this is very important, because the traffic is hectic. Lily was very funny, enthusiastic and full of knowledge about Egypt, Cairo, Pyramids. This amazing day started with a little tour of Cairo, then visiting the Egyptian Museum, arriving at the Papyrus Institute, buying some real papyrus, and finally the Pyramids and the Great Sphinx. What an awesome feeling seeing the Pyramids and finding out their mystery. For a panoramic view of Pyramids we had to ride the camels, what an exciting journey! Our trip day finishes with a Bedouin tea and smelling a lots of beautiful fragrances.
Was a perfect day with lovely Lily who took a lots a pictures of us make us feeling specials. Such a understanding people, because during the day I have changed my mind a lots of times. Great memories and great people! Thank you for this incredible moments! :)
Sorina and Marian from Romania - 5th Jul 2013
Private Cairo Tour by plane from Sharm - 1 Day Excursion
Wow! Fantastic, superb, amazing experience that I won't forget.
We wanted to visit the pyramids but the idea of a group tour didn't appeal to us. Luckily we found SharmExcursions who offers private day tours to Cairo and Giza.
I was really impressed how smoothly things run, everything was perfectly organized.
We had a taxi picking us up very early morning! Then we took a small plane to Cairo which took about an hour. There we met our superb guide Mohammad El Beltaguie.
We had an air conditioned mini bus taking us to places. The driver was nice, friendly and quite funny too.
We first visited the museum. Mohammad was amazing and so knowledgeable. He talked to us about the history of Egypt, the Pharaohs, the Pyramids... Next was the Nile boat cruise with lunch which once again was perfect. I loved the music on the boat!
Then we visited the pyramids. Well, they're more awesome than I've ever imagined and I loved the camels! We had a fantastic ride out in the desert. The driver of the camels Mr Hussein was really nice and he took loads of pictures of us. Also he let us lead the camels without any help. That was so cool!
Mohammad took us round and inside of the pyramids then gave us some time to look around ourselves. Of course then we found out about the locals... well, they were trying to hard sell all sorts of things to us. Almost literally forcing themselves on us. Oh well, it was part of this experience and Mohammad did warn us about this.
Finally we visited the paper and perfume making places. I got some lovely perfume and some great papyrus pictures.
We got back to our hotel around 9.30 in the evening.
I totally recommend SharmExcursions especially the private excursion. You get to see everything in your own time and you got your own personal guide and driver to make your day as enjoyable as possible.
If you're thinking of going on this trip ask for Mohammad. Not one person said he’s one of the best guides in Egypt.
Dora from London - 16th Jun 2013

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Private Cairo Tour by plane from Sharm - 1 Day Excursion Customer Questions

Asked By: Asked by Iqbal Iqbal
13th September 2015
Concerning Tour:
Question about Private Cairo Tour by plane from Sharm - 1 Day Excursion
Private Cairo Tour by plane from Sharm - 1 Day Excursion
FAQ Category:Specific Excursion

I want to visit specific areas in Cairo eg the Al Azhar Park. There are 4 of us and we wanted to book the private tour. I wanted to confirm that the driver and minibus will take us where we want to go in Cairo and not follow the set itenary.


for sure this will be ok when you book a private trip !

Asked By: Asked by Jenna Jenna
15th June 2015
Concerning Tour:
Question about Private Cairo Tour by plane from Sharm - 1 Day Excursion
Private Cairo Tour by plane from Sharm - 1 Day Excursion
FAQ Category:Visas


My friend and I are travelling and staying in sharm el sheik. If we do the private tour to Cairo, do we need to get a visa prior or can we get it on the day?

Please advise,


We recommend to get the Egyptian Visa upon your arrival at Sharm airport to save the time and also you can get it on the day of the trip before the flight to Cairo

Asked By: Asked by Vanessa Vanessa
1st February 2015
Concerning Tour:
Question about Private Cairo Tour by plane from Sharm - 1 Day Excursion
Private Cairo Tour by plane from Sharm - 1 Day Excursion

Please can you tell me what type of plane is used on this trip. My daughter and I are nervous flyers.


It depends on the day but we always stick to the large, prestigious carriers with good safety records!

Asked By: Asked by Gina Boorman Gina Boorman
7th October 2014
Concerning Tour:
Question about Private Cairo Tour by plane from Sharm - 1 Day Excursion
Private Cairo Tour by plane from Sharm - 1 Day Excursion
FAQ Category:Special Requests

I would like to book a private day trip to Cairo by plane. They would also like to incorporate the Nile boat trip, how would I do this online and how much would it cost

The Cost for Boat trip on the Nile will be only 10 GBP. per person and you will arrange this trip with your guide in Cairo trip itself .

Asked By: Asked by Stephen Stephen
14th September 2014
Concerning Tour:
Question about Private Cairo Tour by plane from Sharm - 1 Day Excursion
Private Cairo Tour by plane from Sharm - 1 Day Excursion
FAQ Category:Payment

What age does child fare go up to ?

Age 13 and 15 is child or adult fare?

Child age till 12 years old!

Asked By: Asked by Andy Baxter Andy Baxter
24th July 2013
Concerning Tour:
Question about Private Cairo Tour by plane from Sharm - 1 Day Excursion
Private Cairo Tour by plane from Sharm - 1 Day Excursion

what is the situation regarding this tour now with all the unrest in Egypt?
We have booked this tour whilst we are in Sharm at end of August ...

Kindly we would like to inform you that : Cairo trip by plane is running normally now , this trip is very safe , just you can watch this video : for some people they were on the Cairo by plane trip on Tuesday 23rd July 2013 .

Asked By: Asked by Niamh Kenny Niamh Kenny
28th October 2010
Concerning Tour:
Question about Private Cairo Tour by plane from Sharm - 1 Day Excursion
Private Cairo Tour by plane from Sharm - 1 Day Excursion
FAQ Category:Specific Excursion

Hello Mohamed

On the private tour to Cairo by plane, do you have a minimum number of people that need to book? I am travelling for part of my holiday alone and wondered if you had a single supplement or not?


In the private trip the minimum number of participants is 2 persons

Asked By: Asked by Nancy Bainbridge Nancy Bainbridge
8th August 2010
Concerning Tour:
Question about Private Cairo Tour by plane from Sharm - 1 Day Excursion
Private Cairo Tour by plane from Sharm - 1 Day Excursion
FAQ Category:Special Requests

We are thinking about going to Cairo for the day from Sharm in October. I am deciding on just a flight or a flight and guided tour. We are most interested in the Pyramids and the museum, and have already seen perfume factory and Papparus making. Is it possible to do stay longer here and there and still eat with the tour etc...? Many thanks, Nancy

In the private trip you can change the program as you want and also you can stay more time or less at the places when you visit. The whole point of the private Cairo tour is the tour guide is yours and you can do as you feel. This trip includes : all transfers private by A/C Van, all entrance fees , own guide, fly tickets & lunch . Mohamed

Asked By: Asked by Annie Annie
11th July 2010
Concerning Tour:
Question about Private Cairo Tour by plane from Sharm - 1 Day Excursion
Private Cairo Tour by plane from Sharm - 1 Day Excursion
FAQ Category:Special Requests

Hi there we are taking a 14 month old toddler to sharm and want to do the 1 day to Cairo by plane trip. we are wondering if it is suitable to take him with a pushchair? are there place to stop and keep him cool, we don't want him out in the sun all day. can you give me more details of the trip?
thank you

Hi Annie, although this trip will be suitable, it would be better to spend a little extra money on the private tour to Cairo so you can do exactly what you want with your little one.

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Customer Questions about Private Cairo Tour by plane from Sharm - 1 Day Excursion

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