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Mount Sinai (Moses Mountain) Excursion from Sharm

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Mount Sinai is certainly not a trip for the faint hearted - but well worth the climb! We'll trek up the 2,000+ meter high mountain in the Sinai Peninsula stopping off at small huts along the way until we reach the summit for fantastic views of sun rise.

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Mount Sinai Tour

Also known as Moses Mountain by the Bedouin, Mount Sinai is where according to tradition, God gave the ten commandments to the Israelites! Surrounded by beautiful mountains in all directions, the famous St Catherine�s monastery also lies at the base of the mountain which we'll explore after our climb.

We'll pick you up from your hotel in Sharm at 9pm and drive from Sharm el Sheikh to Moses Mountain for about 2 hours in a comfortable, modern air-conditioned coach.

On arrival at Mount Sinai we'll start the climb through the night to the summit of Mount Sinai, 2,285 meters which includes about 750 steps. This fantastic, almost surreal walk is like nothing you've ever done before and we guarantee it'll be one of the best memories of your holiday to Sharm! Follow the trail of torches up the winding mountain trail, stopping off along the way at the numerous huts that sell warm Egyptian tea, snacks and cold drinks.

On reaching the summit you'll get to watch the fantastic sunrise over the mountains and deserts surrounding Mt Sinai, a powerful experience and one the best sun rises you'll ever witness, you deserve it after the walk!

After this you will descent towards St. Catherine Monastery for breakfast and then journey on to Saint Catherine's Monastery.

St Catherine�s monastery

After a rest and some delicious breakfast we'll visit St Catherine�s monastery for a guided tour. Located on the very ground where god was said to have appeared to Moses in the Burning Bush, this is a very important site for Abrahamic religions that's steeped in history, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

This is the oldest continuously inhabited Christian monastery in the world, with a history that can be traced back over seventeen centuries. The monastery pre-dates the divisions of the Christian world, its origins extending to late antiquity.

After your guided tour of St Catherine�s monastery you'll be transferred back to Sharm at 11am, arriving back to your hotel around 1.30pm for some lunch and well-deserved rest!

What Should I Wear? ...It is Cold?

We�ll be climbing a mountain through the very early hours of morning which can get cold in December, January and February. So if you're planning on booking our Mt Sinai Tour over these dates please bring a jumper.

Good footwear is always recommended, so please bring some sports shoes!

How Hard is the Climb!?

It's not difficult at all! The path is fairly level and well-trodden. There's lots of stops on the way so you'll get plenty of chances to catch your breath. If you do find yourself struggling, or you just fancy the experience, feel free to hire a donkey and relax as your taken up the mountain!

Mount Sinai (Moses Mountain) Excursion from Sharm Reviews 5.0 out of 5 based on 10 customer reviews

Mount Sinai (Moses Mountain) Excursion from Sharm
This was an amazing trip and although we are both 60 years old we managed it with rests! We were amazed how many were climbing with us...and so many nationalities. Make sure you take plenty of warm clothing. Our head torches were also useful to pick out the path. 20 Egyptian pouns hires you a much needed blanket on top as it was -4C. Bbbrrrrr!
Ken Youde from England - 20th Jan 2012
Mount Sinai (Moses Mountain) Excursion from Sharm
My boyfriend and I booked 5 trips with Sharm Excursion and all went really well and were pretty much as expected. The trip up Mount Sinai was a workout if you're older, but pretty easy if you're young and/or in shape. There are plenty of places to take breaks/buy hot drinks/buy chocolate and other food along the way. There's also the option of riding a camel up part of the way. The sunrise was beautiful as was the walk down in the daylight when you could take lots of pictures and appreciate the unique desert-y mountains around you. The one thing I wasn't prepared for enough was how cold and windy it was near and at the top of the mountain! I went in December, and having a few long-sleeved layers and a thin wind-jacket was not enough! I would definitely reccommend bringing a hat/scarf/mittens and a thick warm jacket, and maybe wearing some long-johns! We ended up renting a blanket for 20 egyptian pounds at the top to wrap up in, but still we were freezing! Besides being cold for most of the climb up and down, (I don't know how it is at other times of the year, but don't forget that the desert gets quite cool at night!)it was quite worthwhile. Also, we had a short visit to St. Catherine's monastary and a buffet breakfast (not that great) before driving back home. Overall, a good trip - good value for your money, but you'll be tired afterwards!
Catherine from USA - 29th Dec 2011
Mount Sinai (Moses Mountain) Excursion from Sharm
I cannot fault this company in any way. My daughter and I booked this tour - everything went as explained and planned. We were handed over to our bedouin guide who took us up the mountain and the next morning he took us back down and handed us back to our rep. Everything ran smoothly and I would have no hesitation in recommending this company.
Sylvia Guy from London - 9th Nov 2011
Mount Sinai (Moses Mountain) Excursion from Sharm
this trip is well worth the money and the view from the top makes it well worth the effort of getting there. we were collected from hotel about 10pm and the drive lasted about 3 hours. on reaching our destination the tour guide explained that we would have our own local guide who would take us up the mountain and supplied us with torches to help light the way and then we set off to the first station.the climb is not easy and unless you consider yourself to be really fit i would think twice about making the climb and hire the camel. if you decide to climb and find its too difficult conserve your energy and go for a camel which you can get at any point on the climb,because your gonna need every last bit of energy to climb the 700 so called steps. at this bit i think you need to be part mountain goat to negotiate these huge steps(boulders), lots of people ended up on their hands and knees including myself at one point. on reaching the summit its a case of cameras ready and wait for the magnificent sunrise. it does get cold on the summit but there is plenty of people who will hire/sell you a blanket for a few pounds.
Susan from Scotland - 11th Oct 2011
Mount Sinai (Moses Mountain) Excursion from Sharm
From making initial enquiries on line, & receiving e-mails back the next day, we had no problems with this company. My wife & son did the Mount Sinai excursion. I was supposed to go as well but fell ill at the last moment-Mr.Mohammed was most apologetic that he could not give me my money back(not that I was expecting him to)but offered us a further trip at a discounted price.They were the only two people on the trip.Picked up at hotel on time by "Sammi" who was extremely knowledgeable & considerate. Reaching the mountain he organised the guide who took the two of them to the top of the mountain to see the sun rise (which was fantastic but FREEZING COLD!!) & was waiting at the bottom, on their return, to take them to the monastry. They said it was the most scary but exciting trip ever. We all did the quad bike trip later in the week which was just as well organized. Please use this company with confidence as they were cheaper than the main travell agent we booked with & just as reliable.
Gordon, Julie & Simon Cooper from Isle of Wight. England - 19th Mar 2011
Mount Sinai (Moses Mountain) Excursion from Sharm
I booked this excursion purely because it was there to be done and am I glad i did. Physically challenging, but rewarding all the same and the climb to the summit is worth the effort for the sunrise and spectacular views. Our Bedouin guide was excellent, getting us to the summit in good time, and sociable and helpful on the daylight descent to St Catherines. Our guide from Sharm was Hisham, friendly and helpful and able to pitch the tour around the monastery at just the right level for a group on somewhat weary tourists.
Bob Hayton - 16th Mar 2010
Mount Sinai (Moses Mountain) Excursion from Sharm
We were very impressed with the service of Sharm excursions. Having been moved hotels and not knowing how to contact the company we were surprised when mohammed tracked us down and told us all of the details for the long night ahead. Our guide Ramina spoke excellent English amongst other languages, he immediately put us at ease and treated us as a friend rather than a customer. The stop at the Bedouin tent was a welcomed surprise and a real insight into egyptian culture. When we arrived at the mountain we were greated by a bedouin guide who escorted us to the top with great support and humour. The sunrise was breath taking. Once in the monastery, Ramina guided us through all areas with great knowledge and enthusiasm. Many thanks to all involved including 'Crazy Driver'. A life changing experience and excellent value for money.
John and Laura Hughes - 24th May 2009

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Mount Sinai (Moses Mountain) Excursion from Sharm Customer Questions

Asked By: Asked by Sulueti Fugawai Sulueti Fugawai
10th July 2016
Concerning Tour:
Question about Mount Sinai (Moses Mountain) Excursion from Sharm
Mount Sinai (Moses Mountain) Excursion from Sharm
FAQ Category:Specific Excursion

Hello, I am planning a family holiday for 6 in January 3rd to the 24th next year 2017 are the mount sinai private tour will still be available? How much will it be for a private family tour? :-)

Hello , Mount Sinai Private trip will be available in January 2017 on 11th , 13th , 15th , 18th , and 20th January 2017 so you can book it at any day of these days as you prefer . if you will be 6 persons the total cost for all of you for this private trip only 186 GBP.

Asked By: Asked by Les Les
2nd June 2015
Concerning Tour:
Question about Mount Sinai (Moses Mountain) Excursion from Sharm
Mount Sinai (Moses Mountain) Excursion from Sharm
FAQ Category:Visas

we are coming out on June 12 would like to climb mount Sinai, we are staying in Sharm do we need a visa for this trip?

No you will not need a Visa for the Mount Sinai Trip. Have fun!

Asked By: Asked by Lea Lea
27th February 2014
Concerning Tour:
Question about Mount Sinai (Moses Mountain) Excursion from Sharm
Mount Sinai (Moses Mountain) Excursion from Sharm
FAQ Category:Specific Excursion

Is this trip still running at the moment? People on tripadvisor keep writing me that these are cancelled by most organisations.

All the trips to Cairo by plane are running normally at the moment and very safe . To be sure Cairo by plane trip is very safe just follow this link : just to watch some people they were on this trip on Monday 10th February 2014 with our company .

Asked By: Asked by Karen Doran Karen Doran
25th September 2013
Concerning Tour:
Question about Mount Sinai (Moses Mountain) Excursion from Sharm
Mount Sinai (Moses Mountain) Excursion from Sharm
FAQ Category:Visas

Do you need visas for mount Sinai trip at sunset

Regarding the Egyptian Visa : You must get the Egyptian visa before you leave your country or upon your arrival at Sharm airport if you will go on one or more of these excursions : Cairo by bus or Plane , Luxor by plane , Ras Mohamed by bus , Ras Mohamed By Boat , Diving trip in Ras Mohamed, Colored Canyon , Super Safari but all other excursions you do not need this visa . If you need this visa you will get it from the bank at the arrival hall upon your arrival at Sharm airport the cost per person only 10 GBP. Then you will put this visa stamp and go to passport control , it takes about 10 minutes , then across to the place where you will get your luggage and after that you will leave to your hotel .

Asked By: Asked by Girls Girls
29th July 2013
Concerning Tour:
Question about Mount Sinai (Moses Mountain) Excursion from Sharm
Mount Sinai (Moses Mountain) Excursion from Sharm

Why is THE mount Sinai excursion stopped?
Can we still do this excursion beteren 18 August and 25 August??

Regarding the Mount Sinai trip from Sharm will be running again from the second week of August 2013 !

Asked By: Asked by Jodie Kimmance Jodie Kimmance
20th January 2013
Concerning Tour:
Question about Mount Sinai (Moses Mountain) Excursion from Sharm
Mount Sinai (Moses Mountain) Excursion from Sharm
FAQ Category:Specific Excursion

hi, me and my boyfriend are coming to sharm in April, can we just book excursions on arrival? will they be the same price and would discounts still apply if we chose relevant trips? we fancy mt Sinai, 4 in 1 special and coach trip to the pyramids. will we qualify for a free excursion with them?

you can book also your trips while you are in Sharm but you will not get the discount because this discount only for online booking so we recommend to book online to save your time and money.

Asked By: Asked by Carolyn Butler Carolyn Butler
12th February 2012
Concerning Tour:
Question about Mount Sinai (Moses Mountain) Excursion from Sharm
Mount Sinai (Moses Mountain) Excursion from Sharm
FAQ Category:Booking Process


I am travelling to Sharm el Sheikh on Monday 13th Feb for a week, and I would like to do the Mount Sinai excursion. Do you have a contact number or address in Egypt so I can arrange it with you when I get there? I am not sure of my plans yet.

Carolyn Butler

Hi Carolyn, we have a phone number for our customers who have booked and need assistance, in order to book you need to do it via our website please. Thanks

Asked By: Asked by Jennifer Jennifer
4th October 2010
Concerning Tour:
Question about Mount Sinai (Moses Mountain) Excursion from Sharm
Mount Sinai (Moses Mountain) Excursion from Sharm
FAQ Category:Special Requests

Do you run any private excursions from Sharm el Sheikh to Mount Sinai/St Catherines. I am interested in your group version but would prefer a private one for 2 persons..... If this would be possible, what would the price be for this Sunday?

Yes we arrange this trip as a private and the cost will be only 110 GBP. for this private trip for both of you on this Sunday !

Asked By: Asked by Sue Frost Sue Frost
3rd October 2010
Concerning Tour:
Question about Mount Sinai (Moses Mountain) Excursion from Sharm
Mount Sinai (Moses Mountain) Excursion from Sharm
FAQ Category:Specific Excursion

How cold is it at the top of mount Sinai & what clothes should I wear.

Currently at the top of mount Sinai about 10 degrees so is not too cold.

Asked By: Asked by Mary & Gill Mary & Gill
21st March 2010
Concerning Tour:
Question about Mount Sinai (Moses Mountain) Excursion from Sharm
Mount Sinai (Moses Mountain) Excursion from Sharm
FAQ Category:Specific Excursion


We are interested in doing the Mt Sinai trip next week Would we be required to bring warm clothing with us for this time of year?

Hi Mary , For Mount Sinai trip till the end of April you should bring warm clothes with you . Mohamed

This is just the last 5 customer questions about Mount Sinai (Moses Mountain) Excursion from Sharm , if you want to see them all please click below.

Customer Questions about Mount Sinai (Moses Mountain) Excursion from Sharm

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